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My Pantry 2


The Original My Pantry - Since 2009!A wonderfully simple app which integrates your Pantry, Shopping List, Coupons, Receipts and local store ads all in one beautiful app-Keep track of all your pantry items, quantity on hand, expiration dates, purchase dates, purchase prices and more. Save time and create shopping lists right from your Pantry! The Pantry even remembers your recent purchase price and automatically adds the cost to your shopping list for you! When you’re done shopping, cross the items off and let My Pantry put your items away in your pantry for you while at the same time updating inventory. Store your coupons in the Coupon Keeper and stay on budget using the Budget Buddy. You can also view your local store ads right from within the app!
SOME FEATURES INCLUDE…•Barcode Scanner & Voice Input•Expiration Alerts•Text/Email Shopping List•Multiple, Customizable Shopping Lists•Automatic Backup and Restore Options•Tons of sorting & filtering options•Stay on budget using Budget Buddy•View checkout Total & Shopping List Total•View Purchase price history for items•Set personalized backgrounds•Very clean and attractive user interface•View local Store ads right inside the app•feedback button allows you to send your ideas and questions directly to my personal Email. And Tons More!
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